Amidine/Amidinate Cobalt Complexes: One-Pot Synthesis, Mechanism, and Photocatalytic Application for Hydrogen Production

Sanil Rajak, Khaoula Chair, Love Karan Rana, Prabhjyot Kaur, Thierry Maris, and Adam Duong. Inorg. Chem. 2020, 59, 14910−14919

The DuongLab team is proud to share these discoveries with you, especially those related to the production of molecular hydrogen by photocatalytic means We have been honored by the publication of our work in the Journal of Inorganic Chemistry,  a journal of  The American Chemical Society .  We were all the more gratified by their invitation to make a cover page for our article.

Synopsis: Amidine / Amidate cobalt complex synthesized via  a one-pot reaction harvests sunlight to produce H 2  which can be used to run essential machinery. This serves of utilizing a renewable energy resource with no harmful emission into the atmosphere and hence no global warming; and brings us a step closer to our revolutionary future.”