Adam Duong


Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics, & Institute of Hydrogen Research

Ph.D., University of Montreal
Email: adam.duong@uqtr.ca

Professor Adam Duong graduated from the University of Montreal, where he completed a doctorate in organic chemistry. His doctoral dissertation, completed in 2011, involved the design and synthesis of supramolecular 2D and 3D networks. Thereafter, he continued his research at the University of California, Los Angeles and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he concentrated on the synthesis of materials for energy storage. In 2014, he accepted the position of Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. His research interests concern the development of new materials for energy and nanotechnology. His team focuses on the design, synthesis and functionalization of materials for storage and transportation of energy.

Ph. D students

Nour Dissem

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests:  Nour has experience in synthesizing polyoxometalates- based supramolecular hybrid materials and POM-based porous frameworks for gas sorption properties. Currently, she is preparing MOFs using mixed-ligand synthetic approaches for gas adsorption and separation.

Love Karan Rana

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Current research of Love Karan is focused on the synthesis of transition metal based mixed-ligand MOFs for selective detection of biotoxins and toxic metal ions.  

Heriniaina Randriamiharisoa

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Heriniaina is focused on development of metal-organic polyhedra (MOPs) and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) utilizing di- and  tritopic  ligands for gas storage and selective separation of CO2 – rich gas.

Erman E. N. Madila

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Erman is involved in the synthesis and characterization of solid phosphate as cathode  materials in  Sodium ion batteries.

Khaoula Chair

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Khaoula is working on the  synthesis of molecular catalysis for artificial photosynthesis. 

Amir Narimani

Ph. D student,

Projects  and Interests:  Currently, Amir  is  working  on preparation of nanocomposites based on polyacrylamide/graphene oxide,  improving the theological investigation, thermal, mechanical properties, implementation in enhanced oil recovery.

Mohamed Essalhi

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research interests: Mohamed works on synthesis and characterization of 1D, 2D and 3D supramolecular structures and porous materials for gas storage, carbon capture, and sensing applications.

Najmeddine Ferhi

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Najmeddine has interests in synthesis of new materials for applications in electrochemical batteries and supercapacitor using ionic liquids.

Adela Abidi

Ph. D student,

Research projects and interests: Adela is interested in the synthesis of new organic ligands and new supramolecular materials with various properties: (catalysis, gas adsorption, etc.).

Tuan Doan

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Tuan has been working on functional materials for gas adsorption, gas separation and virus adsorption. 

Alborz Bavand

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research Interests: Development of metal-organic frameworks  (MOFs) and synthesis and characterization of materials for energy storage.


Ph. D student,

Projects & Research interests: Youness works on the elaboration and characterization of CCTO based perovskites, doped and codoped, for dielectric and photocatalytic applications and he has interests in developing new hybrid perovskites for photovoltaic applications.


Ph. D student,

Projects & Research interests: Amina is working on the synthesis and characterization of inorganic and hybrid perovskites based on metal halides and oxides for energy storage and conversion.

Quang-Tung Ngo

Ph. D student,

Projects & Research interests: Tung has been working on developing  PGM-free electrocatalysts for Anion Exchange Membrane water electrolyzer.

Master students

Tanin Bakhtiari

Master student,

Projects and research interests: Tanin works on the Metal-Organic Framework (MOFs) for energy application.


  • Dr. Prabhjyot Kaur
  • Dr. Navadeep Shrivastava
  • Sanil Rajak
  • Midhun Mohan
  • Luis Marcelo Garcia da Silva
  • Shreya Verma
  • Carolina Ardila Suarez
  • Kariane Larocque
  • Alexandre. A. Tremblay
  • Arthur F. Sbardelotto
  • Sarah Zaye 
  • Pauline Belières
  • Margot Lefèvre 
  • Alfonso Nieto Argüello
  • Hugo Gajardoni De Lemos
  • Camille Venne
  • Anibal Alviz Meza
  • Emmanuel Fortin