X-Ray diffractometer

X-Ray diffractometer is a powerful machine to characterize crystalline material, especially, single crystals. It is possible to accurately determine the planes of a repeating and periodic unit present in materials. DuongLab uses it to determine the structure of the materials which we prepare. 

Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy

With their experience in organic chemistry, the members of DuongLab have great skills in infrared characterization. This technique, widely used in the scientific community, is essential for all chemistry laboratories.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

NMR devices are as essential as infrared spectrometry. The facilities make it possible to characterize by drawing up the NMR spectrum of carbon, hydrogen, fluorine, phosphorus or nitrogen. The technique confirming the obtaining of synthesized molecules.

Solvothermal/hydrothermal synthesis

Having developed expertise in the manufacture of COFs, DuongLab members have access to the facilities necessary for solvothermal or hydrothermal synthesis. The high efficiency of this synthesis technique in the production of COFs makes it essential. DuongLab’s facilities allow it to prepare these syntheses in an anhydrous medium and under an inert atmosphere efficiently.


Using the appropriate instruments, it is possible to purify a mixture of different solid products at room temperature by sublimating them under reduced pressure. The technique requires careful supervision and extensive facilities. DuongLab has often used this technique to purify products in synthesis that produce unwanted side products and have the same solubility.

Cyclic voltammetry

In the development of functional and usable materials for energy applications, it is interesting to be able to measure their conductivity. The device measures the conductivity of materials as a function of area. The members of the DuongLab acquired the device and its use quickly became an important issue for the research group in the quality of the analyzes carried out.